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From Florida to North Carolina...the big move!

Stop letting the little things get to you and see the bigger picture.  Just some thoughts I needed to talk about on my drive to work.

Freedom to live
Opportunities and how do you face them
The artists mind... does it ever rest?
Reflections on being a house painter
North Carolina wonders
Inspiring Comments that have kept me going.

Episode 004

First photo walk

Meet at a coffee shop

Using our phone cameras only

- new Perspectives of St Pete

- walk around the neighborhood

- walk to the market place


What I learned on my photo walk “To separate, walk alone and then

meet up.”


Note: Victoria picture

I survived my trip!


Also, trip was better than expected. I learned how to make my Kombucha even better.  Enjoy the show!

Talking about my trip to St Louis.

Bike riding at sunrise

Possible destinations in St Louis

My experience going to our local Museum of Fine Arts in St Petersburg



Show notes:

Why I am starting this podcast

My passions; photography, biking, etc...

What got me started in photography. Being a storyteller. Photography helps connect with others.


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